Magic password

Create a secret phrase mechanism that will unlock the website. Unlock it if the user types unlockplease.


  • There are no inputs. Listen to keypress events on the body document.
  • The delay between letters should be less than 1s.
    If the user types unlock, waits for 1s, and types please, it should not unlock.
  • A full phrase must be typed exactly (no typos, missing letters, or duplicated).
    For example, unlocklease, and unlockpplease should not be accepted.
  • Invalid prefixes can be ignored.
    For example: abcdunlockplease, should be accepted. The phase is correct if you remove the abcd prefix.
  • You can assume that only a-z letters will be typed without special modifiers (ctrl, alt, shift).

You are free to add classes, styles, ids, but don't edit or remove data-test attributes.
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